+ Environmentally friendly production.
The Austrian Ecolabel guarantees the health and environmental safety of our products.

+ For nature’s sake.
The wood used to manufacture an Admonter product comes exclusively from forests where sustainable forestry is practised.

+ EPD certified. 
The creation of an "Environmental Product Declaration" (EPD) is available to every company free. An EPD documents the environmental performance over the product life cycle "ecological footprint" - based on a life cycle assessment.

+ Ecological value chain.
More than 70% of the wood used comes from regional Austrian forestry operations with guaranteed sustainability and short transport route.

+ Sustainable construction and renovation.
Baubook is a certificate that guarantees energy-efficient and ecological construction to support sustainable construction projects and healthy living.

+ EU-compliant safety.
With the CE mark, Admonter demonstrates that all products comply with the basic safety and health directives of the European Economic Area.

+ Full-service supplier for interior design.
Admonter offers unlimited design options for floor, walls and ceilings as well as for standalone furniture made of natural wood products.

+ For special demands.
For fire behaviour, Admonter is primarily classified in Euroclass Cfl-s1 according to ÖNORM EN 13501-1:2007. Valuable for special demands to the property.

+ Exclusively from Admont.
Our production and finishing are done exclusively in Admont to ensure the high quality of the products and the work of our employees. Now and in the future.

+ 30-year warranty.
We guarantee everything we are responsible for for 30 years. More specifically: on hidden defects of the floor due to material and production defects.

+ Price-performance ratio.
The products are available for different price segments without compromising on quality.



K základním přednostem tohoto smyslného a živého materiálu patří mnohem víc: přírodní původ, dřevo z trvale udržitelného lesního hospodářství, řádně odvedená práce, nadčasový design, který vytvoří jedinečnou atmosféru Vašeho domova.