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Your task is to create classy ACOUSTIC INTERIOR ELEMENTS by using the design of Admonter ACOUSTICs. Whether you employ hanging or standing elements or maybe wall or ceiling panels, is completely your decision. This requires creative spatial solutions, but should bring at the same time acoustic benefits. Take advantage and get ideas from our reference projects on the Admonter homepage: Here you find many nicely implemented interior designs.

Condition: The project is required to be sent via email either in PDF of or JPG (a paper size 1x A3) and to contain visualisation/ 3D previews. Our committee laying stress on high quality preview does not highlight potential technical documentation. The design interior or element is supposed to be fully realizable. We ask all participant to provide their works with either English or German description. Furthermore, please attach to the email your contact information (first name, last name, phone number). The attachment size cannot exceed 25 MB. The university graduates can participate in this competition only in case that they finished their studies 2 years ago (or earlier).

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Your design plans send to email:

Winners Announcement The results will be announced on the 21. DECEMBER 2018.

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