Admonter Evolution describes the transformation from a traditional producer of natural wood floors and wood panels to a multi-dimensional provider for wooden solutions for interiors. This leads Admonter to innovations that go hand in hand with the path of origin. Admonter Evolution means unique wooden designs on flooring, walls, doors, furniture and even stairs.


Flush-mount skirting

The flush-mount skirting board by Admonter is characterized by clarity and purity and creates an elegant room experience. This innovative system is much more than a rectangular floor-wall-junction. Now the inevitable connection between two levels becomes a design element of its own, creating a harmonic transition from floor to wall.

The Design solution

Admonter’s new flush-mount skirting board. Rectangular floor-wall-junction. No annoying lugs or edges. Simple elegance. A sophisticated, complete system providing a solution for a perfect end-result during the phy-sical construction of walls and before installation of screeds.This system consists of 2 parts: a basic profile, preinstal-led during the construction phase, and the skirting board.

  • Basic profile – high quality aluminium profile
  • Screed height gauge–bio-plastic (WPC), recyclable, 100% PVC-free
  • Skirting – high quality aluminium profile + wood lamella


  • Integrated screed-gauge for screed installer
  • Suitable for massive walls and drywall-installations 
  • fine adjustment allowing for the compensation of height tolerances 
  • possibility of reducing impact sound transmission
  • possible in nearly all types of woods and surface treatments