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Spruce aged brushed
Reclaimed wood Larch brushed
Reclaimed wood hacked H2
Reclaimed wood extreme brushed
Oak brushed
Spruce brushed
Reclaimed wood sunbaked brushed


The new acoustic element is combinable with GALLERIA, ideal for low and medium-frequency range and suitable for use in sports or mulit-purpose halls, because of its ball-proof impact resistance.

Reference projects
Admonter Parquet sample tool Admonter ROOMZ


  • 3 Strip GALLERIA Element
  • Perforation of different diameters
  • Acoustic fleece rear lining (simultaneous trickle protection)
  • Dimension aprprox. 1824 - 2400 x 244 x 19 mm
The acoustic room design


Whether a room is perceived as acoustically pleasant largely depends on the reverberation time. The reverberation time indicates the period of time that a sound event requires in order to be inaudible. Through the proper use of sound-absorbing materials, the room acoustics can be specifically tailored to the purpose of the room. Often, however, the design trends in modern architecture, such as open spaces, minimalist furnishings and vast glass and concrete surfaces, pose major challenges to designers and architects when it comes to pleasant room acoustics. Admonter Acoustics has a solution to offer!


By varying the overall construction height (distance to the ceiling and type of damping), acoustic properties matching the respective requirements can be created. In order to achieve the optimal auditory effect for the individual spatial situation, it is recommended to consult a designer with expert acoustic knowledge or an acoustician at an early stage.

  • Efficient and simple machining with conventional woodworking machines
  • Galleria is grooved all around with a foreign spring for endless layin
  • the attachment takes place by means of a profile claw on the corresponding substructure
  • See the installation instructions Galleria for details
  • CE marking according to EN 13964
  • Profile: all-round groove with MDF tongue for continuous installation
  • Fire classification according to EN 13501: Hardwood D-s2, d0 / Softwood C-s2, d0 witch mechanical attachment to substructure
  • Sound absorption class according to EN 11654: D
  • Sound absorption coefficient according to W 0,40 (L) max. absoprtion ≤ 250 Hz
  • Acoustically open area: 4,1%
  • Surface weight / element: approximately 8,56 kg/m(Spruce)
  • Surface: raw or naturally oiled
  • Free of pollutants and respirable fibres
  • Vapour diffusive
  • Ambient area: SWP2/2NS humidity 25 - 80%