Larch white
Larch aged natura
Larch lye-washed white
Larch natura
Larch lye-washed
Larch aged
Larch Colt
Spruce white
Larch Grigio
Stone pine white
Larch Saloon
Stone Pine
Larch Nata
Larch Alba
Reclaimed wood extreme multi-strip
Reclaimed wood multi-strip


Compared with hardwood species, softwoods such as Larch, Spruce, Pine, Stone Pine and Douglas Fir are softer and lighter. At the same time, with their more even grains and specific colours, they open up some delightful design possibilities. Softwood also scores with its feel and by radiating a feeling of warmth – natural oiled larchwood floors are demonstrably the warmest of all. Especially for rooms whose floors are not subject to constant wear, bedrooms for instance, these types of FLOORs are ideal. However, a suitable type of flooring can always be found even for rooms that are subjected to more wear.

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Surface texture

Surface texture, finish, sorting & formats


One of our many design secrets: any unusual features should be emphasised. That's why we are more than happy to let even unplaned types of wood keep their intrinsic character. If you lean more towards planed varieties of wood, worry not: we offer an equally wide choice of planed woods too: distressed, brushed lengthwise and crossways, or alpin. At times the grains of our finishes are incredibly natural and full of life. This reveals the sensuousness of the wood to the eye and to the other senses

+ sanded
+ sanded

This has been the standard finish for natural wood flooring for many years. Sanding imparts an elegance to the surface, which becomes absolutely level with any depressions being evened out.

+ brushed
+ brushed

Softer sections of wood are brushed. This imparts a plastic finish to a floor. It is a uniquely effective way of revealing the pure sensuousness of the wood to the eye and the other senses.

+ scraped
+ scraped

Planing in the direction of the grain produces a distinctive ripple effect. Those who walk around barefoot have most to look forward to in experiencing natural wood floors.

+ antico
+ antico

3D-brushed and given additional suggestions of ageing. This results in brand-new floors with the attractive patina of decades of wear. And, what's more, they also offer the advantage of being especially resistant and hard-wearing.


It is the finish that dictates the room environment and the care and maintenance overhead. So it's a good job that there is such a wide choice.

Since wood is a natural, living material it is also breathable. It offers the major benefit of absorbing and releasing moisture. It thus provides a balancing effect on the room environment. The choice of finish influences this characteristic. Each type of wood requires different care and can also cope with different challenges, and this is why we offer a wide range of different woods for FLOORs:

+ Natural oiled EASY CARE - No initial oil treatment required!

Our easy care products are delivered PREFFINISHED. This means that the floor does not have to be oiled after installation, and can be used and walked on immediately after installation! The new natural oiled easy care finish provides a rich, durable surface, and also has the desired look from the beginning, as otherwise only floors with an additional oil coating offer. Without any effort – just easy!

+ Natural oiled PRO CARE

Natural oiled pro care floors require a post-installation oil before they can be used.

+ matt lacquer

The application of matt lacquer will give the floorboards a subtle, matt appearance. The pores of the wood are sealed. As a result it becomes extremely resilient and very easy to look after.


A floor's eventual appearance also depends on the way in which it is sorted.

A tree's growth characteristics and number of branches are, of course, still apparent in its reworked form. In order to achieve a coherent appearance we sort and classify the natural wood boards accordingly. 

+ basic
+ basic
  • Vivid, knotty appearance
  • Black knots, resin pockets and small shakes are possible depending on the wood type
  • Contrasting colour variation and grain patterns are a valued feature
  • Knotholes and shakes are professionally filled
+ rustic
+ rustic
  • Rustic grading, surface full of natural character
  • Black knots, resin pockets, sapwood and shakes are possible depending on the wood type
  • Contrasting colour variation and grain patterns are a valued feature
  • Knotholes and shakes are professionally filled
  • Shakes and occasional incompletely filled knots are a typical feature of the rustic grade
General notes

These grading examples basically show the grading criteria of Admonter Natural Floors. Admonter Natural Floor as the name implies, is a naturally grown product so that slight deviations in structure and colour are possible. Current dimensions and grading descriptions are shown in our brochures and catalogues and on our website www.admonter.en/downloads. Attention: Please note that samples can change their colour after a certain time with exposure to light. This is a completely natural phenomenon. Prior to installation, it is absolutely necessary to spread out the floorboards and pre-sort them! Due to the reproduction in print colour variations can occur.


Format is essential in every instance. It represents the key for total design freedom.

This is why Admonter supplies floorboards in the widest possible range of lengths from 590 mm to 5000 mm for FLOORs. These can be subdivided into three format groups:

+ small
+ small

In lengths from 590 to 1200 mm. Suitable for herringbone patterns using the smallest boards for highly effective floorboard appearance in small rooms.

+ classic
+ classic

This is literally the classic floorboard from Admonter in lengths from 1850 to 2400 mm.

+ xxlong
+ xxlong

For large rooms or for an especially bold effect. Boards up to 5000 mm in length.

Additional options

are also provided by the differing widths of the boards. Floorboards range in width from 100 to 325 mm. There is a good reason for providing such a wide range: the different formats of board produce different effects in rooms.