Student Contest


International Arch 2016



STUDENT ARCH provides a platform for students and young graduates from technical universities as well as from universities of art & design.

As the head of committee was chosen Ing. Arch David Caïs from atelier Orange Machine.

First prize: money is 1000 € and an Event to Admont.

Deadline for submission18.11.2017

Your task is to create a unique and trendy piece of WOOD FURNITURE by using Admonter products. Do you want to choose just one of our product lines such as: FLOOR’s, ELEMENT’s, DOOR’s, STAIR’s, ACCOUSTIC’s or would you rather prefer to use more of them? Their full compatibility allows the competitors to create remarkable combinations. Take advantage of the wide range of our products. “The detail of quality determines the value of the entire work. This is true in design but also in architecture. I look forward to this year’s projects, because creative student works are always full of great ideas.” Says the head of committee Ing. Arch David Caïs. The way to reach excellent results of you work is to use our Admonter textures that make your project more real. 


“We would love to get inspired by your ideas how to use traditional wood such as larch, which is mostly characteristic for mountain architecture. Larch is creating an amazing and warm atmosphere in cottages. Our aim is also to renew those traditional values for modern interiors” says the head of committee Ing. Arch David Cais.

To make your project more real, we provide textures of our floors. You can download them on DOWNLOADS

The project is required to be sent via email either in PDF of or JPG (a paper size 1x A3) and to contain visualisation/ 3D previews. Our committee laying stress on high quality preview does not highlight potential technical documentation. The design interior or element is supposed to be fully realizable. We ask all participant to provide their works with either English or German description. Furthermore, please attach to the email your contact information (first name, last name, phone number). The attachment size cannot exceed 25 MB. The university graduates can participate in this competition only in case that they finished their studies 2 years ago (or earlier).

The head of committee Ing. Arch David Cais, from atelier Orange Machine and his team of professionals are going to assess each project that meets all mentioned criteria. The registered works will be evaluated according to the following pattern: 30% idea, 30% originality, 20% functionality and 20% quality of preview.

Student Contest


 Michaela Foltýnová - Andrea Pomykalova - Iveta Pavlíková



Michaela Foltýnová - Winner 2012 (CZE)
"The prize and the contest itself meant to me a great resource of many unbelievable memories"

Andrea Pomykalova - Winner 2013 (CZE)
"One more time thank you very much for a wonderful opportunity that was given to me"

Iveta Pavlíková - Winner 2015 (CZE)
"The architecture is my passion. Believe me I didn´t think of participation in the contest at all" 


1st place: 1000 Euro and a trip to Admont

The prize includes the following: Experience Tour in Admont plant with official prize handover. Double room with a half board for 2 nights. Maximum travel and accommodation expenses covered 200 €. The trip will berealized within 50th weekof the year 2017.

2nd place: Relax weekend

According to your choice for 2 persons. The prize includes the following: Spend the whole weekend wherever you want. We will provide a voucher for 2 persons for2 nights in 3 star hotel(half board).

3th place: Great evening

According to your choice for 2 persons.The prize includes the following: Spenda gorgeous evening wherever you want. We will provide a voucher for 2 persons for1 night in 3 star hotel(half board).

Contact details:

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us:
Phone number: 0043 3613 3350 681
Email address:


Enrolment deadline:

Please send your project until the 18th of November.
Email address:


Winners Announcement

The results will be announced
on the 30th of November.