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Admont is surrounded by nature, at the foot of the Ennstal Alps and directly facing the towering Haller Mauern. The River Enns thunders through the Gesäuse gorge in the national park of the same name. For millions of years the water has been pounding away at the rock to form this deep gorge. The landscape that has developed is one of breathtaking beauty, and it has managed to retain its original character right through to the present day. Anyone who goes looking for the untamed stretches of the River Enns, perhaps with a view to doing some whitewater canoeing, will very quickly be able to see and hear how the Gesäuse gorge earned its name (Gesäuse can be loosely translated as whooshing).

But there are others besides these intrepid watersport fans who come here for a slice of unadulterated nature. Hikers, climbers, scramblers and daytrippers who enjoy the green and pleasant can look forward to enjoying rocky mountaintops, forests, Alpine pastures and mountain huts in the Gesäuse National Park. In summer or in winter. They have plenty of choice of where to go too. To the south of Admont, our little municipality with its population of 2500, there are miles and miles of unspoiled scenery stretching as far as the eye can see.

The <span>surrounding area</span>

The surrounding area

Awaiting you in the Gesäuse National Park are rugged limestone peaks, green forests and Alpine pastures, mountain refuges with unbelievable panoramas and frothing, cascading white water, which is the reason behind the name given to this high Alpine region. It is the mountains that define this breathtaking landscape: to the north of the River Enns is the Buchstein Group of peaks, while to the south of the river lie the Admont Reichenstein Group, the Hochtor Group and the Zinödl-Lugauer Group.

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